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What do you really enjoy?

Sometimes we loose ourselves. It could happen because there are so many things going on in our lives at the same time or that we are so busy we just forget to think about other things than what’s right in front of us or all the things we feel we have to get done. It could also be that we’re simply doing things out of old habit, without thinking about wether we actually feel like doing them, or actually need to do them.

Sometimes we really need to focus only on what’s most important. But sometimes, we get so engulfed in that one single thing, that we forget that there are other important things too, and that in order to feel good about orselves we need a break now and then from that one, ”most important thing”.

Sometimes it goes so far, that when you finally get aroud to put that one ”most important thing” aside to spend some time on something else, you realize that you have forgotten what it is you actually enjoy doing and so have no idea what you’re supposed to do now that you have some free time and can do whatever you please. You’ve been so busy, that you’ve forgotten what it is you really enjoy doing.

There are several ways to deal with this problem of course. One is to take a stroll down Memory Lane and try to remember what you used to like doing as a child. That can give some really nice clues as to what you might enjoy doing here and now. You might discover there are things you want to do that you haven’t thought of for years -or ever!

Sit down and make a list of things you used to enjoy as a child, say, before you turned 18. Set aside a good chunk of time so that you can really think back and remember, all the way back to kindergarten and all the way through your school years, how you used to spend your time back then. Don’t ignore something just because it seems silly or childish now. Once your list is ready, try to remember what it was about those things that you enjoyed. Which aspects of those things was it that made you like them?

Why did you really like to play with your Barbie-doll? Was it choosing which clothes she should wear or was it because she would hang out with her friends? What was so great about playing football? Was it because you got to be part of a team, was it the competition or was it the opportunity to be physically active outdoors? Why was physics your favourite subject at school, why was it so fun? Was it that it was interesting to learn about how the world works, or was it the challenge of making calculations?

Once you’ve figured out what it was about your childhood hobbies and interests that made them seem so great to you, you can try to think if this is something you can use to enrich your life here and now. If you used to love your coloring books as a child, why not try painting or sketching? Maybe take a course in oil painting? If the reason you loved football so much was because it gave you the opportunity to be outside and run alot, maybe you could try cross-country running? Or some other outdoorsy activity. Maybe strolling along a golf course suits you better nowadays?

If the best thing in the whole, wide world was to go to the zoo because you just loved animals, maybe you could take up horse riding? Or look into getting a pet? Or help out at your local animal shelter? If physics was you best subject and you spent the days looking forward to those lessons, maybe pick up a magazine about popular science or try some really advanced sudoku? If choosing the right outfit for Barbie could keep you busy for hours on end, how about borrowing a sowing-machine, buy some nice fabric, google-search how to do it and make your own dress?

As we grew up, we were told that we were too old for certain things, that they were too childish, and as a result, we traded them for the approval of our elders. But that doesn’t mean that we have to quit the things we used to love just because we become adults.




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Detta inlägg publicerades på 25 april, 2018 by i Tankar och tips.
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